Course Outline

GOR Training Session 1

GOR Session 1 – Day 1 & 2

Diagnostics and Treatment Planning/Facial Growth Intro

Keynote speaker Professor Timothy Bromage is without peer when it comes to his knowledge, understanding and ability to share that knowledge of human facial growth and development. You will never think the same way about human facial growth again. Professor Bromage’s research into and understanding of this subject has given rise to many of today’s exciting cutting-edge treatment concepts and modalities. Much more than educational this session will be professionally transformative.

GOR Training Session 2

GOR Session 2 – Day 1 & 2

Facial Growth and Effective use of Appliances

In this session you will learn how to apply your newly acquired knowledge and understanding of Facial Growth. Understanding the mechanics and biology of facial growth is only the start, this session explains in detail how you can achieve stunning outcomes for your patients with the effective use of our specially developed appliances.

GOR Training Session 3

GOR Session 3 – Day 1 & 2


This is the technique that underpins the entire series, developed by our GOR senior lecturer Dr. Steve Galella ContolledArch is the simplest and most predictable straightwire orthodontic system there is. If you want faster treatment times and more predictable results, you need to learn ContolledArch.

GOR Training Session 4

GOR Session 4 – Day 1 & 2

Treating Class II Patients

Now you have learnt the basics of both the philosophy and the practical application of our growth appliances (session 2) and the ControlledArch technique (session 3). This session will take you through the application of that knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of class II malocclusions.
You will be taken through fixed Orthodontic biology and the use of the ControlledArch system. We review the 12 configurations of the Class II Malocclusion and Class I headform , MN uprighting and how it increase the MN length and establishes a Class I occlusion.

GOR Training Session 5

GOR Session 5 – Day 1 & 2

Treating Class lll Patients

This Diagnostic and Treatment planning review provides an overview of basic fixed Orthodontics, Biology and the ControllledArch Technique. A review of all of the 12 configurations of the Class lll malocclusion and Class lll headform. You will also hear from Guest Speaker and one of the GOR’s stunning success stories Dr. Anne – Maree Cole, listen and learn from the pupil who has become the teacher.

GOR Training Session 6

GOR Session 6 – Day 1 & 2

Case Finishing, Introduction to TMD, Retention, Aesthetics & Effectively Promoting your Practice

This session will help you understand the often undiagnosed and life debilitating effects of TMJ issues. You will learn both practical and philosophical approaches to diagnosis and treatment. You will also be reminded of the vital importance of the need for retention, post orthodontic treatment procedures. Listen to DR. Galella as he explains how to commercially leverage this new skill set and knowledge base.